Welcome to the SUNY Potsdam Student Success Center’s GPA Calculator!

Disclaimer: This calculator is not associated with your official college transcript. The results are estimates based solely on the data you supply.

To calculate your GPA for the current semester:

1. Type the course name
2. Enter the number of credit hours for the course
3. Choose a projected/estimated GPA for the course from the drop down menu
4. Press the add button.
5. Continue with this process until all of your current semester graded credit courses are entered.
To see how these projected grades will affect your overall GPA:
1. Enter your Previous Hours (GPA Hours).
2. Enter your Previous Quality Points (Quality Points) from your latest course summary, available in BearPAWS.
3. Press enter

Revisions to individual fields can be done directly. To clear all data fields, press the (!) button.

ATTENTION: If you are repeating a course and want to estimate Future GPA with that course excluded, you will need to adjust the Previous Hours and Previous Quality Points to exclude them in the final calculation.

*For instance: If you are repeating Writing & Critical Thinking, a 4 credit hour course in which you earned a 1.3, deduct 4 hours from Previous Hours and deduct 5.2 from Previous Quality Points.
[Hours multiplied by Grade = Quality Points]

Note: For details about grade calculation, please refer to the SUNY Potsdam Undergraduate Catalog.

The Student Success Center GPA Calculator was commissioned by Nola Davey in the Educational Opportunity Program Office and generously created and donated by David S. Lloyd for use by the students at The State University of New York at Potsdam.
This application does not store or transmit any private data.